Thursday, August 15, 2013

After a thoughtful musical session

When the songs won't leave your head. Resonate, resonate. Music in the soul. I just want to touch, it takes me back in time ~ oh la laa!! Inspire me another story and I write the next chapter. Live it like its the last but time never stops. Id love to hear what your heart is speaking, all this chaos and smoke wont ever shut it down. Let it sing, let it breathe, let it open up. Receive everything with a smile.

Its time people started asking questions, and our minds are capable of more than that. Stop being a zombie, look around you. We are meant for better, all of us. Stop being selfish, your descendants will thank you later. Do you love a son like you love the planet ? Why is it so easy to ignore and then cry later. An angel's love is reflected in you to discover. We need to stand together and inspire. We are a brotherhood of interconnected minds all working towards the same goal in sight. Don't you feel the world is rising up, things have to change or die. Its time the human race is about to behave, leave the egos out and stop creating the hate. You are only a fool if you think clean energy is light years away. We can fly to space and yet we cannot deliver water to driest mouths of earth. Where's the humanity in that but oil no problem. Are you going to let this happen, turn a blind eye for comfort. I just want my cup of tea and belly rubs. Forget the rest. My mind is at peace but I'm still doubtful. Its hard not to think about when they want to shove it in you. All the fear and terrorist plots by the same council of lies. They want your mind and it's control. An Awakened mind is only trouble for the ones working behind. The ones that won't let human race advance. Imagine a place without pain, without wars, how nice is that. A place we can all love each other and have compassion towards our kind. A place that can sustain life without killing it first. Change your habits, change your mind. If you haven't soon it will pass, right beside you. The moment comes in a pair of seconds, will you feel it and let it grow inside?!?

Inspire those around you, speak the truth. Its only us the ones that we are looking for. Its us the ones we've been waiting for. This note never wrote itself, I found a link to create thanks to someone else. Gather up, rise up, its time to take our Gaia back. Remove fear from your agenda, remove pain from your memories. Replace these feelings with love and laughs. It's unconditional, learn to give without expecting something back. Its about to learn the power of our own thoughts. Positive brings positive and a new tidal wave of strength is brought out. Focus on it, look inside. Believe in what you have. Multiply it by the millions and visualize the intensity you have delivered. A shock wave being delivered to the shores of the earth spreading love through every single one of you. Gain your power back! It just starts inside, realize, we need you here right now. Are you in or out, want to give it a try.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Back to Canada, and the party keeps going !!

Back in Canada now, will keep updating more often now that I got the internet back! I hope you enjoyed my little story about my first weeks in Colombia.. Its very nice I got to play while I was there in 3 different cities. Which were Taganga, Medellin and Bogota :) Lots of fun at these places cant wait to return and stay a little longer. Now back to Canada , A little hard to re-adjust since the weather hasn't been cooperating, but hey its Canada ! and it's weather has a mind of its own. This Weekend we are back at it with Kosmic Juice throwing an awesome techno Jam, bringing a friend from Lewiston, New York who plays some sick techno and his technique is solid!! Daha Greene!

Check out our event on facebook for more details and if you are in the Toronto Area make sure you drop by and have some fun!

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Colombia! Part 1 - El Caribe !!

Colombia Colombia !! ohh how beautiful this place is !! the place that saw me born and grow!! So glad to connect back to this part of the world full of magic and treasures .. Havent updated this in a while but I really had no time to sum everything up in sentences because it is just soo much Ive experienced´and learned. Now I am waiting and relaxing, waiting for my flight to leave in a few days back to Canada and I get to sit down and write a little.

Part 1 !

Arrived to the caribbean coast earlier this year.. I arrived in Cartagena where I cruised around the city a little before heading to Barranquila to meet with some family and enjoy the city. I was so happy to be back after so long, listening to Colombian caribbean music in the car and in the streets. I loved so much sun so much heat! I am built for it of course. I just escaped Canadian winter!! The food at the caribbean coast is my favorite! Delicious !! This is were I enjoy sea food the most and not scared to try it since its so natural and fresh! And of course, with delicious Colombian style. In Barranquilla went out to different places, visited family and went to casinos that were a lot of fun. Couple days later I got ready to hit and play at this amazing Acid Techno and drum n´bass festival in a beautiful private beach outside of Taganga, which is a small town close to Santa Marta city. So glad to have shared the stage with such great people and also acid techno legend from the UK, Aaron Liberator . The festival brought djs and producers from different countries like Ecuador, Venezuela and Brazil. And of course, Colombia´s very own music talent which was pretty insane as well. So much acid techno, so much hard techno, hardcore, shranz!! which are my favorites, as I was telling some friends, I felt like a kid in a candy store with such great musikkk!! We rarely get to see those in Canada anymore, and the people here are soo into it. They just love it and want more. Harder harder !! There was a drum n bass night as well. Í got to play 2 different nights, and both times were amazing and had a great crowd response. It also felt really good to play back in my mother land. Amazing party atmosphere with the best backdrop, we are partying right beside the ocean and gorgeous mountains in the back, in a space of freedom and beauty. My spirit was so happy. At night there were crazy wind currents coming from the water straight into the dancefloor which made dancing a lot more fun and the deco more trippy!! And the weather just perfect !! so much hotness and dancing !! Acid Resistance Beach festival is here to stay and I am so happy to have been a part of it, share my music with some of the most amazing people and artists. I am coming back next year for sure..

5 days of partying and after the festival was over , we took a little road trip to more deserted beaches 2 hours from taganga possibly. Called Palomino, just at the border of Guajira and Magdalena "provinces" a traveller´s paradise and a place to disconnect from it all. 10 minutes from mystikal Tayrona park. The whole area is enchanted and beautiful. With lots of history and ancient magic. You could feel such strong beautiful energy around you. The beaches are just so gorgeous, the ocean is crazy and strong. Had a little scary experience with poseidon but I learned from it :) Its all part of the Journey. There are the tallest mountains ever since we were just at the foothill of the Sierra nevada. You could see the snow peaks in the mornings and that is my favorite place on earth. My home. My world. My ancestry. I always love to be around this area.

This was also my first time seeing fluorescent green plankton at night in the water and the shores!! I always wanted to check it out and we could not believe it when someone told us it was possible at night. So if you are ever there check the water at night and the sand at the shore !! :) I could pick them up with the sand and look at them closer, so beautiful and bright ! At nights we partied with friends from the festival and people near by. We did fires at the beach, played loud techno at night and made some great friends. I tanned like crazy and loved it. I loved laying on the beach all day and laying down by the fires at night, watching stars and the waves crashign in front of us to make it even more relaxing. We stayed at Palomino for a few days and then drove back to Santa Marta, where I got dropped off to head over back to Barranquilla, hang out there for a few days and then to get ready for the next adventure.. Down to Santander, a 9hr bus trip from the coast, heading to the south to celebrate my birthday back in Bucaramanga, my hometown. Stay tuned for part 2 !!

In the meantime here is a documentary from this year´s festival that was released recently, so you get a closer look of what it was all about, and maybe join us next year ?? ;) hmmmmmm ???

Friday, December 28, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Starting up a new site to show and share my work with the rest of you, feel free to comment ! Got some new work coming ahead and its looking pretty great ~